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PEGGY - I have long been making beaded jewelry.  People say I make "pretty" things.  I use lots of natural pearls, sterling silver, natural stones.   I also work with: vintage linens (making them into pillow covers mostly); knitted then felted purses; and work with hot glass (vases, trays, etc) .  I have been in the antique business for many years.  I will be offering you some great items - "smalls" as we call them - that can be easily shipped.  And of course, misc. items that were for sale in my store.

JAN - Also a beader whose work I would describe as "earthy".  She uses lots of copper and often hemitite.  She also does clever things with wine corks.  Her tree garland is always popular at Christmas time.  She and I together make cake and dessert plates out of vintage glass and china.  

CHERYL - Of all of us, the true artist!  She creates beautiful home decor with dried flowers and other items.  I am not sure how many of these items will be in the online store as we don't think we can ship them without damage.  But she makes cute ornaments, paper mache figures, and fantastic pantings on gourds and other items.  You will definitely see some of her work on this site. 

KAY - A true crafter - making many cute things.  Often she works with decorative papers, and she is a beautiful knitter too. She also creates jewelry items.   You will see her items for sale from time to time.

TOMMY - Another good friend who beads.  He specializes in earrings and loves "bling".  He uses lots of Swarovski crystals.   Lately he has been making really long dangly earrings - cute!  Makes me wish I had a long enough neck to wear a pair.

How We Got Our Start

Orgininally Bumblebee Cottage was a store in my little shotgun cottage.  Unfortunately, I had to close it as I could not resolve a zoning issue.  But as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  So this online store was born!  

I (Peggy) along with my friends, Jan and Cheryl, sell together at craft sales as Bumblebee Cottage Crafts.   So our hand made items will be part of what I offer for sale in this store.  Also for sale will be:  gift items, home decor items, antiques, some clothing, and anything else I love!  

Our Customer Service

    We (Jan is helping me with this)  will be listing new items every week.  Many of our items are for sale elsewhere so we will take them off promptly if they have sold.  Means you might want to buy something if you want it and not wait too long!

    Shipping is the most difficult part of selling on line.   I don't want to charge you more than actual shipping cost with USPS. but it varies so much distance wise that it makes it hard to list shipping.    So we have chosen a median cost weight wise.   All shipping will be standard rate unless you opt for priority, next day etc.  Just contact us to make arrangements.  To make this more enticing,  your first purchase with us ships free with standard shipping.   And --- hoping you will become a regular shopper with us, every 10th order with us will also ship free. You must pay the shipping, but we will reimburse you the cost via check mailed with your package.    We mail out on Fridays.

    Our items are non returnable unless they arrive damaged.  If that were to happen I would require that you contact me immediately.  Mail the item back in its original shipping container within a week of receiving it.  I would then replace it or refund your money. 

    We are happy people and want happy customers so always willing to work with you to resolve any problems.  


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